Rajagopal - A,

Technician & Home Maker
I was born and brought up in a farmer family in a village called “Irenipuram” in Kanyakumari District,
the southern tip of India and working as a TNSTC technician and my wife is a home maker. We are
blessed with three lovely daughters Brindha, Brinyanga and Bratheesha. When I was working as
Technician in TNSTC, Marthandam branch, one of my close relative introduced me to this business
during the year 2000;. After the Almightily, we are grateful to the Amway Corporation, Britt World
Wide Education System, my great up-lines and the most delighted team for the success in my business.
Today, because of the business we have a great lifestyle. The amazing products from the Amway
Corporation and the knowledge that we acquired from the BWW system have us a whole denomination
instead of just nostalgically remembering the good days, we look forward every day with optimism and
excitement, because of new goals for ourselves and the help we extend to others to reach their goals. We
could achieve our dream goals of financial freedom, good health, reward, recognitions and free
international visits and wider friends network leading to serve the community more. We are building the
business sincerely and passionately by leading the team successfully.
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