(Ex.Medical Representative & Home Maker)
“Tomorrow's options are born out of today's decisions and actions.”
I did not show much interest in the business in the beginning because of my busy schedule, but my wife took the decision and started building this business.
As the business began to grow, I joined my wife and we built a solid Double Eagle Foundation with the support of our team and tasted success. I resigned from my job to build this business Big time in 2004. God has blessed with two handsome boys. The elder one is Priyatham. He made us all proud by achieving the state level prestigious award -BALARATNA from the chief minister. He is now pursuing his Architecture from JNTU, Hyderabad. Our younger son is Sathwik, who is studying his 12th standard, is also doing equally good in both -academics and sports. We made our children our strongest reason to build this business and not our weakest excuse to avoid building it. This helped us keep our focus, and become more resolved in our drive towards our success. Our advice to the people who wish to grow in their business is to follow the 3-fold management principle: First---Take Responsibility. Invest in your business and invest on yourself by learning about the products and people. Develop your leadership skills by attending functions. Second----- Find an active upline and allow him to guide/mentor you, so that you can learn from his fist-hand experience. Third----The most important and final step. Never, never give up. Take hold of a goal that inspires you to grow and change. In life, everything comes at a price. The price for success in this business was hard work and we were ready to pay it. We attribute success to 5 D's: Dream, Discipline, Determination, Desire and Dedication. If you follow the above 5 D's completely, you are sure to get the 6th ‘D’ which is DIAMONDSHIP. Even though through this business we have fulfilled a lot of dreams like going to so many countries, having good cars etc… the good news is that this is just beginning, and best is yet to come. The biggest accomplishment through this business is that today we are much better human beings and are able to touch and impact the lives of so many people.We are very proud to be a part of this business and specially wish to thank BWW, AMWAY, our uplines, downlines, cross lines for their excellent support. We strongly believe.... PURITY IN HEART, CLARITY IN MIND IS THE SURETY FOR SUCCESS. JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, YOUR ABILITIES TO ACHIEVE, AND LIFE WILL BE AN AMAZING JOURNEY. Dream Big, Get Started and never Quit. GO DIAMOND.
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