Jnana Ranjan Pradhan & Manaswini Nayak

Company Secretary & Homemaker
Jnana and Manaswini grew up in Balasore, Odisha, India. Jnana has completed his studies as a Company Secretary, from New Delhi, India. He pursued this career for couple of years and while doing so, he has worked with some reputed organizations.

He first saw the business opportunity at a business meet that his friend had invited him to attend. Jnana signed up, but did not do much with the business for several months. Later he realized, that not only would his attitude change from mild interest, to scepticism, to curiosity, to excitement, to total commitment, but that his dreams would upgrade from normal middle class life to a better living standard, and complete financial flexibility. "My little ’yes’ to the opportunity gave me all that! But thanks to the Britt support system and the mentorship of our up-line, I was able to gather speed quickly and achieved PLATINUM as a single”.

As a best gift, he found his soul mate Manaswini, a science graduate through a typical arranged marriage. "We grew up with a very strong value system," says Jnana. "Prior to this business, we felt that we had to choose between a jet-set life in the home town and some of those values. Now, we believe that the Britt System actually allows us to enhance these values and live them, and at the same time, enjoy the number-one lifestyle in the world! You can have your cake and eat it, too! So, why not?” they exclaim.

Jnana and Manaswini believe that no matter what a person’s upbringing or background, anyone can succeed in this business. They have an organization of leaders all over the Orissa and surrounding states, and have a huge organization in India. Jnana declares, "To give their dream life and keep the respect of Manaswini and our only kid Arin, and stand true to the expectations of our sponsors, our upline EDCs Rakhal and Mita, all the way to Bill and Peggy Britt and the Britt Diamond team – that is everything to me!"

“The ‘NOs’ made me even more determined to succeed,” Jnana explains his change in attitude about the business now, than when he started. “I love the people, and I love the business. I love the promise of this opportunity. Amway gives you the ability to say to others, ‘I can show you a way out’. Chances are …I believe in dreams. And they will come true,” he further adds.

“One of their biggest dreams- flying to more than 100 countries in the world along with some family trips has come true,” says Manaswini. “Jnana is a dreamer,” Manaswini quickly adds, “It’s a trait that has created a lot of success for us and many others. And it has made life a wonderful adventure for us and feeling loved and proud be the bride of Jnana,”

With their zest for life, loving home environment and passion for helping others, it does not come forward as a wonder that the couple make their Amway business “absolute excitement.” As Jnana puts it, “It’s been very close to a fairy tale”.
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