A. Aravindakshan & Syamala Aravind

Ex. bank employee & homemaker / Palakkad
Syamala was a homemaker and Aravindakshan was a bank employee with financial crisis when they saw Amway Business Plan. They felt that the concept of “one for all and all for one” is aptly adopted here for the success of each and everyone. They opine that this is a chance to help people who are financially poor but rich in ethics & values. Now the couple is proud to say that they are part of BWW, a system organization of globally successful servant leaders committed to uplift people who are committed to work for achieving their own dreams by imparting value based education. This is the right place where ladies are given respect & treated at par with men. Since this is a family oriented business, the education is given to both husband and wife and the difference of opinion between the two which is common is minimized to the maximum enabling them to lead a role model life to their next generation.
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