(Vice President & Home Maker Chennai)
I was working in a public limited company as a Vice President. When I joined the Amway business my wife was a home maker looking after the family. In my job I was heading Merchant Banking division in which I have handled many public issues. That time I used to travel a lot to different parts of the country. I was leading a good corporate life. But, I could not spend quality time with my family. That time only I had an opportunity to see the Amway business plan. Initially it did not impressed me. Just to satisfy my sponsor and my upline we joined the business. After attending couples of meetings we understood the real potential of the Amway business and we felt this is one of the right opportunity for the persons like us to make big money and spend quality time without any investments. I and my wife decided to build the business in a big way, but as I was busy in my job my wife supported me in the initial stages. Now she is a business woman changing many people’s life to create money, time and lead a happy satisfied and meaning full life. Now we are spending more time with our beautiful 4 years old Daughter Rithikha. This business gave an opportunity to visit many countries and we are going to see many more countries in the future.Amway is an opportunity to change your life. Our life today is more enjoyable compared to before. It has been more than 8 years since I last stepped into an office—a big contrast from the years of hard work as an employee. Quality of the life continues to improve and we can now enjoy the results of our success. In Building the Amway business we have met all sorts of people giving excuses to reject this great opportunity. Unknowingly, these very same people have created reasons for those who want to succeed. A positive attitude makes a world of difference. For example, the negative will say they don’t have time or that having to care for their family prevents them from doing anything. The same can be used by the positive, as a reason why they need to succeed. We believe for success, you need to hold on to your dreams. Your desire for success will drive you to move your plans in to actions. But 95% of the people having without any dream work for 5% of the population who are having dreams.The most valuable reward that we have received from building this business is our changed mindset and outlook towards life. The BWW System helped us become more positive, optimistic, and confident. We also learnt to set goals in life and derive great satisfaction on seeing other distributors in our group grow and achieve success through this business. To enjoy the sweetness of success, freedom and having financial security in life a strong will and perseverance are necessary. But nothing is more important than loving and caring for others. No matter how bitter the FAILURES or how big the CHALLANGES we have to go through, we will succeed. THE MOMENT OF YOUR DECISION SHAPES YOUR DESTINY!
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