Dr. Harbhajan & Dr.Mohinder Braich

(Former Physicians, Jalandhar - Punjab)
Harbhajan & Mohinder were searching for an opportunity when they moved to Canada from India in 1994. As general medical practitioners, both had a busy practices without time to enjoy life. By 1995 the Braichs were considering returning to their native land when a patient showed them a plan. "When we saw the Direct Selling business my wife got excited and we decided to stay," says Harbhajan. "We saw that this was a global business that could provide opportunity to people around the world," adds Mohinder. Three months later, Mohinder finally convinced Harbhajan to attend a meeting and they have been active ever since. "We are very busy now building this business," Mohinder explains. They also continue to maintain their thriving medical practice on an part-time basis, and they give free medicine consultation to needed patients. Ever since May 1998, when Direct Selling business opened for India, Braichs never looked back. Their business grew in Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Delhi and other parts of the country. They have filled entire Punjab with sheer excitement and dream, which has come true. Today when asked about their success story they say "It is the attitude and the teaching you receive from Britt System - the best educational system in the world, which is the key! And one thing more, you must have a DREAM.!"
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