(Bus Conductor - Actress, Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
1982! A friend of mine invited me for the Amway business meeting but I came halfway because the meeting was conducted in English, a language that I barely understood. But I was eager to know more about Amway so I asked my friend to explain me the marketing plan in Tamil. I never studied well in school though I love playing football and hence I was getting zero marks in all subjects. I started working at the age of 18. I worked as Bus Conductor for 5 years and then as a Bus Driver for 4 years. Many people give excuses that they don’t have any transport and money to do the business. I started this business only with a bicycle. I used to travel in autos to conduct Home Meetings but now I have three cars in India and a Mercedes Benz model S350 in Malaysia. Success Path I came to India with only four telephone numbers. In such conditions Ihave qualified a lot of PV worth of products for Founders Executive Diamond because I worked so hard that I used to sell so many products every day and was showing so many plans every day religiously. It was then that I met my wife Kaviya. She was an actress but now she is a full time housewife and mother to our two beautiful & wonderfulkids Sesodia&Moonisa. My success in this business would never have materialized without Kaviya’s help. Today we have business in India, Singapore and Malaysia. Chronology of success:
• May 1998 - Qualified SP & Ruby in same month
• August 1999 - Emerald
• May 2001 - Diamond,
• July 2003 - Executive Diamond
• August 2012 - Founders Executive Diamond and also qualified as Double Diamond in
Malaysia. Lifestyle I have travelled to more than 48 countries including Alaskan Cruise, Canada, London, COFU, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Egypt, Istanbul, Paris, South Africa, Amway Headquarters (Ada, Michigan), Star Cruise, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Prague, Switzerland, Dubai, Holland, Venice, Mediterranean Cruise, Italy, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Osaka, San Diego, Hokkaido, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Rome, Vietnam, Real Madrid, Greek, Turkey, Spain, Austria, New Zealand, Barcelona& etc. I go to travel with my family many times a year in First Class with all expenses paid by Amway. My both kids are well trained in classical songs and dance. I love them very much. Tips for Success We truly blessed to be a part of BWW family. I have associated with successful people in the business and learnt from the system. With BWW system and team, we have growing organization of people and expanding their business locally and globally. My advice to dear distributors;Dream big, set your goal and follow your active growing upline and mentor, stick to BWW system, never quit& never give up. Believe! You will see the results. Gratitude I would like to take this opportunity to thank God, my Parents, our Mentor Kulin& Mina Desai, Kanti&Lata Gala & BWW staff in Chennai. Our gratitude also goes to Amway Co-Founder Rich & Jay, Amway India management & staffs, special thanks to Amway Chennai staffs.
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