Kanti & Lata Gala

(Engineer & Physician, Mumbai)
Kanti & Lata are originally from Mumbai, India. Kanti moved to U.S. in 1970 to obtain his Ph.D. Kanti & Lata met when Kanti was still a Ph.D. student; they were married in 1975. Slowly they started climbing the corporate ladder. Kanti & Lata were first introduced to Direct Selling business in 1985, but it was after attending a major function in 1988, they made their decision to start their business. The Galas worked very hard and after their first two and a half years of building Direct Selling business, Lata decided to leave her career behind and devote herself exclusively to build their business. Kanti followed in 1993. Today Kanti & Lata are full time parents to their children as well as business partners. They have a huge organization in the U.S. and around the world. Looking back on his experience Kanti says: "There is more to life than can be found inside an 8'x 10' cubicle."
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