ex icome tax officer and ex corporate job | Kolkata
Both Abhijit & Sagarika were from middle class families, without much money but with a strong foundation of honesty, ethics, integrity & values that they further developed through the Britt Education System. When they were introduced to the Amway Business by one of their very good friends, Abhijit was working as a gazette officer in the department of Income Tax after completion of MCA and Sagarika was working in Private Co. As both of them were big dreamers, they were always on a lookout for some good, part-time and honest opportunity that let them bring out their creativity and potential. Initially, like most of the common people, they didn’t believe that Amway business would change their fate completely. After they came in touch with the life changing Britt Education System, they slowly realized that Amway Business is the best opportunity in this world today for fulfilling their dreams in the shortest possible time. Initially, they began building this business very seriously part-time for 3 years and reached a good position. Then they decided to quit their jobs, as they loved the freedom this business offered and never really enjoyed their monotonous jobs.

They shifted their paradigm and priorities when they started coming to the Britt Functions on regular basis. They started loving the ambience, Britt teachings and the positive impact of the Britt association. They loved listening to the Britt CDs. They gained a lot from the experience of the Britt leaders whom they listened to in the CDs as well as at meetings & functions. They feel that the Britt recommended PMA books helped them a lot to achieve success not only in this business but also in their daily lives. Today they believe that the wonderful products & infrastructural support from Amway and the best quality teachings from BWW are the key factors for their success. Today this business is their hobby & passion, apart from being their profession. Britt System and Amway Business have become their way of living. Today they never miss a single Britt function, CD or book. They strongly feel that the Britt Kit and being on the SOP & BOM program is a must for serious IBOs.

On being asked about their success in this business, they say, “We have been getting job satisfaction, peace of mind, great lifestyle, a very good learning and growing opportunity, tremendous amount of recognition, rewards, awards, free foreign trips, world class eco-friendly products, positive like-minded friends and what not from this Magical Business. We feel that this is a great place where we can go to bed with peace of mind as we can serve and help others to fulfill their dreams. We have been getting tremendous amount of Love, Blessings & Respect from so many people all over the world. We feel Amway is not only a business, but a wonderful package of so many great things one loves and wants to have in his / her life. It is a way of living every moment of life. Amway is our greatest entertainment right now. The things we need to do here is real fun for us. It has lots of creativity and varieties. So, we never get bored here. We have fulfilled many of our dreams and started dreaming more and big. We have traveled to many beautiful places along with our dream destinations all over the world, in a luxurious way; fully sponsored by Amway.”

They feel that this is an opportunity for anybody who is seriously looking for a better life. They conclude, “Anybody from any background can become successful in this business, provided they stick to the Britt System seriously.”
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