Alok & Bhavna Uppadhyay

Computer Professional & Homemaker|Dehradun
Alok and Bhavna are from Dehradun. They have two lovely kids Akshat (16) & Vaishnavi (13). “They are the reason for us to build the Amway business. We want to give them the best lifestyle, and we know the AMWAY business is the right vehicle to achieve our dreams,” the couple lovingly add.
Their philosophy of working the Amway business is, "Work as hard as you can, so that you may earn as much as you want, and can help as many people as you wish... and along the way be sure to enjoy the ride to its fullest". Speaking about the business opportunity and its potential they exclaim, “It is a phenomenal ride if you do it Right. You will be amazed at how much blessing God will pour out on your life if you do this business.”
They thank God for the wisdom he bestowed in them to make this decision to build this business. Sharing how one should go about building this business they add, “Our advice on building a strong and large organization would be for you to establish your WHY! Then, determine the five to seven traits you would like your team leaders to have and develop those traits in yourself.”
They advocate that one must become organized and always keep his word. They believe that if one never makes excuses, they too don't have to accept any!" “We together believe that this business is God’s answer to our prayers, and only those who have been blessed by Him can see its potential, build it, and grow with it,” they speak from their heart. Further, they give credit of their success to the timely and regular guidance of their uplines combined with the team effort of their group.
Speaking how this business is unprecedented they add, “The combination of financial and spiritual growth that takes place in this business is not seen anywhere else in the world.” They further add, “Amway is not only a business of making money but also a business of making life worthwhile for living. We love to travel and thanks to the business we have been to many wonderful places around the world. We have been to almost 26 Countries including Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Paris, Bintan (Indonesia), Phuket, Mediterranean Cruise (Europe), Switzerland...”
They conclude, “Just stay focused, follow your leader, get into the core of the BWW System and help to uplift people. This is perhaps the only business which every person in India can use to improve the health of their loved ones through natural products and that of society too.”
We now have a mission to help enough people to reach their goals and at the same time touch millions of lives.
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