Senior Professor,former HOD & Home maker
Hello Friends! It’s a great pleasure to introduce ourselves to all of you. My husband and I come were raised in a village. My father is a retired higher secondary school teacher, mother is a house wife & grandfather was a freedom fighter. I am an M. A. in History & B. Ed. and, Sangeet Bivakar in Rabindra Sangeet. My husband and father in law was a lower middle class farmer. My husband had to spend most of the time to plough the lands and had very little time to give for studies. Later on he started taking tuition’s in Kolkata & NSS activities to continue his Graduation in Pharmacy at Jadavpur University. He broke all past records of Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and became all India Topper in Bachelor of Pharmacy & Zonal Topper in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering in 1988 and again all India Topper in Master of Pharmacy in the year 1990. He never stood second in any examination throughout his university career. Jadavpur University and all professional bodies throughout the country bestowed him with Gold Medals and several other laurels. Ours was an arranged marriage on 29th May, 1992. On 5th June, 1992, my husband joined his own department of Jadavpur University as faculty member. In July, 1993, he took another responsibility as Residential Superintendent of Research Scholars’ Hostel & continued up to June, 2010. He has already mentored 22 Ph. Ds, 50 Masters & published more than 50 and 45 research articles in peer reviewed International & National Journals respectively and started enjoying Royalty income from the written books. Gradually he became youngest Inspector of all regulatory bodies and member of Board of Researches for most of the Universities in the country. In 1997, God blessed us with our beautiful child Ananya. In 1998 & again in 1999, unfortunately, we refused to see the Amway Opportunity like most of the people. But God has a plan; we started using safe, non-toxic Amway products which we purchased from our sponsor Prof. Asish & Chandana Sarkar. In March, 2000, we understood the potentiality of the Amway Business and thus, we joined. It is better being late than never. My husband in spite of his full devotion in his teaching & research profession helped me a lot to build this fantastic business of empowering people. His career in the university uplifted very fast. He was selected as one of the youngest & Full Professor in 2004 and also became Head of the Department in 2011. Subsequently, Coordinator of Departmental Special Assistant program and JUOPAA and also the course coordinator of Jadavpur University affiliated Ayurvedic College at Kalyani etc. Simultaneously we became Platinum in April’01, Emerald in 2002 & Founders Emerald in 2011. Now, because of God and parent’s blessing, tremendous guidance of our Supreme LOS and our gaining power through ABSOLUTE SUBMISSION towards available mentorship, support from great Amway Corporation and Britt World Wide, fighting attitude of all Power Players in our great team and your best wishes we became DIAMOND in June, 2012.We believe that everything is governed by ‘Cause’ & ‘Effect’ relationship. We can derive the best out of this business as ‘Effect’ if we are able to incorporate causes like: purpose, principle, planning, practice, perseverance, patience, pride, priority, dedication, honesty, integrity, values, ethics, hard work, loyalty, edification, submission etc. Unlike other fields, in this business we can explore our potentiality to the fullest extent. Motivation through self realization, honest guts & vision to foresee the Indian scenario in 2025s global village helped us to build this business. This Britt World Wide platform is actually the fountain of working knowledge & experience. In order to become successful in Amway business one has to ingest, digest, absorb & assimilate it. The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are & what we could become. B W W’s Education System by developing self image of an individual is actually reducing this wastage. Our sincere thanks & gratitude to each and every body who directly or indirectly contributed in our success particularly all Britt leaders in our LOS & outside our LOS throughout the globe.
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