Dr. Bhagwat Behera & Sanjukta Barik

(M.D. Physician & M.A. M.Phil, Bhubaneswar)
I am a specialist in Medicine and my wife is a Lecturer in History and is also the Principal of a women's college. Both of us are working and have BIG dreams. We felt blessed by GOD when we came to know of the Direct Selling business opportunity from our son's tutor. We are now able to afford the best life style with time, money and security we owe our success to our firm belief in God, the help and support we got from our line of sponsorship, and the love from our downlines. Freedom is not a chance, it is an individual choice; and freedom is not free. Anybody can succeed in the Direct Selling business with the help of Britt Worldwide System, through hard work, ethics, and team work and positive association. Britt Worldwide System is a novel education system which is based on honesty, loyalty, integrity, and other values. Anybody can convert their dreams into reality with the system provided he or she is ready to face the challenges with commitment, and is determined to build the business with passion. Our greatest passion is our Charity Hospital at Udala, while our greatest joy is the Direct Selling business because it is a legacy for our two lovely sons, Pranab and Prajnashish. So friends, have faith in yourself, dream BIG and you can change the entire world. And remember, opportunity is the door labelled with the word push'.
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