(Computer Professional & Homemaker, Coimbatore)
I got into this business as a final-year engineering student. No experience. No business background. I was just a simple student, from a typical middle-class Indian home. My uncle who is in US showed me this opportunity. Though, I was skeptical in the beginning; when I listened to a tape of a successful Physician & Diamond (Dr. Hal Newball), my perspective changed. I knew that this was the business for the future & I had the potential to build it. Initially, I faced a lot of criticism & rejection. Many of my friends & family members thought that I had made a wrong decision and that I had put a big question mark to my career. But, by working hard, I proved them wrong. I built it single till the Platinum level. Vidhya joined me 2 years ago. She actively supports me in building this business. She believes in the Quality of the Amway products. They are truly world-class, yet value for money. Though she had no prior knowledge of this business, she quickly realized that this business was our only option in life to bring out our true potential. And, we could never have built this business, without the support of BWW, as all our uplines are in the USA. We thank God for enabling us to understand this business. We build this business together in our spare-time & greatly enjoy the rewards of this business at every level. Today, we travel the world, have great friends, enjoy recognition in the society & possess a great hope of positively impacting the lives of many people. There is no gain without pain. And, the little challenges that one may go through is sure worth it. Sow the seeds today. Keep tending the crops. You will reap the harvest, since God gives the blessing.
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