homeopathic Doctor & Home maker
Dr Pradip Savaliya has done Bachelors in Homoeopathic Medical Science. He has been a successful medical practitioner since the last 13 years. His wife Sonal, holds a Post Graduate qualification in commerce and has been a simple homemaker. The couple belongs to the ‘Diamond City’ Surat. “My father is a farmer and had sacrificed a lot and worked hard for our education,” he acknowledges. After completing his education, he settled in Surat. They are blessed with a wonderful son Aum Savaliya,(5 years) old.
Being busy and successful with his medical practitice, he had rejected this business opportunity four times earlier. Although his wife, Sonal is a Big Dreamer and she anticipated that this business can give them the financial flexibility within 3 – 5 years of building the business. She had seen the plan first time in the year 2010, she joined the business for using excellent quality products, and after a year, their Upline mentor visited them to show the business plan again. When asked as to when he would retire from the medical practice, he replied that there is never a chance for him to leave his medical practice. That’s when he was given to understand the freedom he would get through building this business.

They were then introduced to the Britt Worldwide System and since then Sonal and Pradip decided to give this business a serious thought and start building it with commitment. There was a positive transition happening within them due to CDs, Books and Functions. “We learnt and read so many things to change our thought process to succeed in this business,” he exclaims. It was their consistent and persistent efforts, their dedication and passion towards their dream, with which they achieved their first goal of becoming Diamonds in a span of four years. “Because of this business opportunity & ultimate mentorship program of BWW, today we are YOUNG-RICH-FREE,” he states. This business has helped them fulfil many of their dreams with tremendous changes within them. Before this business, Sonal was a typical homemaker and he was a typical doctor but after four years of journey, their personalities and thought process have totally changed.

“In our successful journey Sonal played a major role in building the business and the organization,” he shares. During the initial stage, he was unable to devote his time to the business but Sonal took charge of their business and kept the team united. Through her dedication and focus, she transformed from being just a homemaker to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He further adds, “We worked hard to build this business with the help of our Upline Mentor, and are thankful to our life mentor who contributed their best for our success and have guided us at every step.” They feel grateful to the BRITT WORLDWIDE SYSTEM and their amazing LOS for introducing them to this business opportunity. They built this business with proper Planning, Fixing Goal, and Priority.

Through this business & BWW, they have received Respect & Recognition and the chance to bring
out their potential. They believe, "If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It, set the goal make rock solid action plan and fix the priority and do action every day .
"IF WE CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT," they conclude.
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