(Medical Director & Asst. Manager)
I was working as a Medical Director in Maharashtra for about 11 yrs. My wife, Lydia, was working as an Asst. Manager in a reputed social service organization in Mumbai for 5yrs. Today, we have both taken voluntary retirement from our respective jobs. Our life was no different than others. We too had the same mechanical routine: get-up and go to work, come back and sleep, wake up next morning and return to work. We had no respite from this monotonous routine. There was no private life, no social life, no dream and no vision. We had taken this life and routine for granted. We believed that this was the life we were destined to live until the Amway opportunity came to our lives. The Amway opportunity changed the entire course of our lives. Today our lives are completely different. We have a dream with a common goal and a long term vision. What appealed to us the most about this business is that we can help other people realize their dreams as we move forward towards realizing our cherished dreams. Besides, working together until the fulfillment of each others goals, the bonding and ever-growing love, all combine to give this business a very positive and warm feeling. In order to become successful in this business one needs to be a role model, have patience, and work with endurance & perseverance. Our goal in life is to help millions of god loving people with this unique opportunity, help them generate satisfying income and earn recognition, and live a life full of options with the help of Amway & Britt Worldwide.
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