(Project Manager & Housewife)
I come from a village called Oteru near Tirupati, AP. Ours is an agricultural family. My parents faced lots of hardships and ensured good education for me and my sister as they didn't see any future in agriculture because of water problems in our area. So there was no other option but to excel in studies, even though I was reluctant initially but truth has got me gradually. I used to bicycle 20km daily for more than 10 years to finish my high school and college. I did B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from SV University, Tirupati. In 1999 I got campus placement in to TCS as a Software Engineer. That's the biggest achievement from any one in our family, till then. All of us thought that through this job we would realise all our dreams. But little did I knew that my dreams started shattering day by day as corporate world started eating away my life slowly. I complained, cribbed, cried silently, eventually realised the fact that an Employee is an Employee, working for somebody else dreams. That's when I got in to the looking zone. Then started doing some odd traditional businesses in spare time, burnt money and got in to debts. I got in and got out of Amway once in 1998 in college and second time in 1999 as I was forced to join by some of friends and colleagues, neither me nor them had understood it's full potential. But in the end of 2000, by gods plan again I got introduced to Amway business by my close friend Naren, I was very negative initially. I would not have started for the third time but for Naren's professional approach and his awareness about the potential of Amway opportunity. So I strongly believe that getting to know about Amway from a right person is the half battle won. Initially I didn't take the opportunity sincerely and had to go to Canada in 2001 on my job assignment. I attended couple of Major Conferences by BWW there and understood the Global presence of Amway, International quality standards of Amway Products and the power of BWW Leadership . Back home in India my business started growing even in my absence thanks to Naren and power of Network. Came back to India in the end of 2002 and started building the business passionately. I was a Founders Platinum when I met Ratna, my love of life through a reference in the business. Ratna came from a business family and has an Engineering degree, had a short stint in IT field. But out of choice she supported me in this successful endeavour, never have to work for anyone but for self. We got married in 2003 and have a beautiful daughter Sree Anagha, over 4 years old. So I can proudly say that this opportunity has given everything in my life I cherish today. Being in Software Profession for more than 12 years, without disturbing it building this business on part time and becoming a Successful Entrepreneur who started living on OWN terms & conditions at an age of 32, the journey is awesome than the destination. The freedom with respect to TIME and MONEY which this business has offered is just incredible. Becoming Diamond in this business is just bringing back that innocence, inquisitiveness, zest for life, loving people, excitement about everything happening around , boundless energy, when we were up to initial 5 years of birth, simply thinking like a kid and working like an Adolescent, but most of us are thinking like adults and working like kids. Over a period of time we have lost the ability to think like a kid with innocence and Diamond in this business would bring back that golden phase of life once again. There are very few TATA s & BIRLA s in our country and there's no way we can follow them or they would help us to become like them. But here there are number of BWW Diamonds and good news is that they are willing to help us if we have a Dream and willing to work for it. That's the power of Britt Worldwide. There's nothing on this Planet Earth which can even come closer to combo of BWW and Amway.We too faced NO s, challenges, real tough situations, but we are what we are today because of those challenges and have overcome with the help of BWW and mentorship of our Uplines Naren & Anjali. In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins not through strength but by perseverance. We always pray GOD for better opportunities and often overlook the simple answers, thinking that only a complicated solution will solve our problems. So don't get fooled by the simplicity of this opportunity with negligible investment and miss an opportunity of life time. If you are reading this, if you have specific Dreams and Goals in life, you already have got a right introduction to Amway, stay with BWW team and GROW through them. We usually get confused with PATH and DESTINATION, but through BWW we understood that PATH is with us always, DESTINATION is a moment of joy but PATH is a process of joy. We have been enjoying the PATH, and are HAPPY ALWAYS irrespective of what it offers. We are grateful to our parents for allowing us initially to pursue our dreams, thankful to our uplines who BELIEVED in us when everyone felt we couldn't and indebted to Amway, BWW for the amazing combination. If PATH is beautiful check the DESTINATION but if DESTINATION is beautiful don't check the PATH. Everything is okay in the end, if its not ok, then it's not the end, Just Do It.
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