D V S L Deepak & Devupalli Aruna

(Clerk & Software Engineer Secunderabad)
The leaders feel grateful to the Amway Business and exclaim, “Amway Opportunity has come as a blessing in our life without which we would have been leading a mediocre life.” Prior to pursuing Amway, Deepak worked as a Clerk in the HR Department in Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd and Aruna was a Software Engineer in Infosys, Hyderabad. They were living their life hand-to-mouth with huge debts and lot of stress in a small 100sq.ft. one room house with Deepak’s parents and brother. He was working for a meagre salary of Rs. 3000p.m when a stranger showed them the Amway Opportunity in 1999. They could not immediately join the business as they did not have sufficient money even to start the business and waited for one long year to arrange for money to start. They feel indebted to their sponsor for showing them the opportunity that transformed their compromised lives to a Life of Significance. “I have built business with great passion and big dreams taking support of our Mentor Raj & Sangita Shah (USA), Mr Bill Britt & Mrs Peggy Britt who are founders of Britt Worldwide System & the founders of Amway Corporation,” Deepak beams with pride. The couple got married to each other in 2005 after completion of their Emeraldship and then onwards there was no looking back as both of them built it passionately as a career giving up their full time careers. Speaking on the lifestyle change that Amway brought into their lives they add, “Amway has given us many tangible and intangible rewards. My only means of commuting was a Cycle, which was shared by my father and brother too. Today, we have two Cars, one for each of us. We have moved to a bigger and comfortable 3 bedroom Bungalow from a Single room house. We, who did not have money to visit local sight-seeing also, have visited more than 15 Foreign countries in last one decade fully paid by Amway.” Today they are both full-time loving parents to their kids Sriram (7 years) and Sridhar (3 years). They feel that the security this opportunity provides has rewarded them their time back from their Jobs…. They, along with their kids and elder parents, are enjoying a wonderful lifestyle and able to spend quality time with one another. They feel that Amway has provided them the right direction to plan their life and gave them courage to aspire and reach higher levels of success. They feel that Amway is for those who want to achieve success through honesty, integrity and by helping others in life. “We never did anything dramatic, but, we just did a little bit every day. The consistent efforts to make something happen every day, multiplied by our past years experiences is the key to our success,” they comment speaking on their work ethics. They believe it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness around in the tough times. They have always focused on their goal and work ethics irrespective of the prevailing challenges in the market at any given point of time. “Anyone who focuses on their goal and works towards building a profitable structure with appropriate relationships with upline, downline and crosslines is sure to succeed and realize their dreams, sooner or later. Our upline Mentor Mr Raj Shah has always recommended the same and we followed and duplicated the same in the team,” they opine. They conclude, “We always thank Amway’s founders Rich & Jay for giving us this opportunity to empower millions of lives across the globe. Life is awesome with AMWAY & Britt Worldwide. !!!”
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