(Businessman & Homemaker, Hyderabad)
I am a traditional businessman and Kavita is a homemaker. Making money is a cakewalk for me in my traditional business, but time is the biggest constraint. I was hoping and praying to God for a solution when I was blessed with the Direct Selling business opportunity. We were motivated to work hard consistently because of the efforts of our uplines and the BWW System. We can see our dreams coming true because of all the support that we have received from them. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to our parents and our understanding children, Jaskiran and Ridhima, for standing by us. Our awesome team deserves special thanks because their commitment to this business has helped us reach this milestone. Our advice to all is to jump on the BWW and the Direct Selling business bandwagon and gather all the happiness of life together with a fabulous lifestyle.
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