I entered in the arena of this legendry business as a bachelor and Monika joined me after the marriage. We both have blossomed with the aroma of very strong values owned by our families. We have been gifted with a son AARYAN having divine values and reflecting the keen interest in the business. While studying in MCA, spontaneously I got a job in a publication house. Within a few days of job, I got a bitter experience and I realized that I am not meant to work as a 10 to 6 guy, but to do something special. At the same time one of my friends unfolded this UNIQUE AMWAY OPPORTUNITY along with the BWW system to me. As a result of which I decided in favour of business, convincing me that this business can help me to live in a specific way at my own terms. This opportunity as given us a strong belief that life must be passed full of honesty, integrity and transparency. Let us prove ourselves a touch-stone to the others who touch us in this business. Today through this business and BWW system support we both are free and independent at very young age and spending the quality time with our parents and grandma. Now we are full time parents for AARYAN. According to my belief "the real life starts when you are not working for money" and now at this plight it seems possible to me. We really thank GOD for showing such a noble way of earn livelihood. We are also grateful to BWW system, our uplines and team for their excellent support.
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