Ex. Central Govt Official & Ex. Teacher
Anirudha was an official in the Central Government, while Mahua worked as a Teacher. They both hail from a middleclass family background. Since childhood, they were both big dreamers and always dream of a life with security, plenty of time for our family, recognition, peace of mind and most importantly, association with positive minded people.
Speaking about what inspired them to join this business Aniruddha says, “A single philosophy of ‘people helping people around the world to help themselves’ specially inspired me to join this business. This business offered it all.”
After understanding the potential of the business, both of them worked together with great enthusiasm and energy. They built their business with great passion and commitment.
During this long journey of 18 years, they have faced many challenges, but they never lost hope. They constantly motivated each other and overcame all the challenges.
They are blessed with two children: Shalmoli and Abhirup. Rather than making their children the excuses to not build this business, they made their children the strongest reason to build the business. They come from a joint family and their family offered them constant support to build the business successfully.
They feel grateful to God for helping them understand the value of this business. They thank BWW and Amway for providing them with this wonderful opportunity to explore their potential and for empowering them to change many lives with honesty, integrity, ethics, and moral values.
They are also thankful to their uplines and mentors for believing in them and guiding them throughout their journey. “I always run out of words while talking about my united energetic team who have been a perpetual source of encouragement. They are my extended family. I also thank my heart-line from whom I have learnt much,” Aniruddha expresses his gratitude.
“Achieving Diamondship, we believe this is not the end but just a new beginning. We always believed in digging our well when we were not thirsty so that we can take recourse to it in our times of need. God has plans for each of us; we only need to realize and execute it,” they conclude.
We are following two statements one of Bill Britt “HOW MANY ARE BETTER OFF BECAUSE YOU LIVE” and another of Rich DeVos, Founder of Amway “ YOU FIRST ME SECOND”, in our life.
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