(Pune, Maharshtra)
Life is full of unpleasant surprises and journey with enough potentially life challenging struggles. Born in a mediocre teacher family, Mr. Sanjay Shelar had no other go than to learn experience and grab the job, like all his friends and family members. He worked as a mechanical engineer for 18 years in a leading company in Pune. Saroj, his better half too came from a family with a teaching background. Sanjay and Saroj tried their hand in many businesses; a fabrication unit, a furniture making business and short hand typewriting institute but could never get out of their middle class existence. Amway business is very much transparent and runs on the principle of helping others to succeed, in turn making you successful. You need to maintain positive attitude of helping others. A strong and positive attitude creates more miracles because life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it.
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