Ganesh Shenoy

(Mechanical Engineer, Mangalore, Karnataka)
I had come to US from Mangalore, India, to get my master‘s degree, and because this was the land of opportunity, says Ganesh. The minute a friend showed me the Independent Business Ownership plan, I knew this was the way I could be my own boss and work toward financial independence.
I started talking about the business to everyone I knew, Ganesh continues. Some laughed. Some were discouraging. I kept telling myself that people saying ‘no‘ to me was a temporary situation. With the help of Amway/BWW and all the uplines, Journey is not going to be easy, but its going to be worth it when you build it to the levels of Diamond and beyond 6 years from the day i got started, I was able to walk out of corporate America at the Age of 30. This business has provided Time, Lifestyle and Peace of mind. Today business has expanded to so many parts of the world which I could not imagine when i started initially.
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