(Mechanical Engineer & Homemaker, Delhi)
We both are from a middle class family Idid my engineering and was engaged in my manufacturing business.harpreet is MA psychology and is originally from chandigarh.
We are blessed with two handsome sons.prakirat and savkeerat and a beautiful daughter in law jassimram
We were well settled in our lives but were somehow concerned with the returns on efforts invested in the traditional business with no quality time for the family..We thank GOD and my elder brother fom usa who introduced us to this unique business concept ..Initially we were not very serious to build the business but one britt seminar raised our inner belief and we never looked back…once we had faith that this is an opportunity to achieve what ever v want in life by helping people achieve their dreams…we started enjoying this business….do what you love and love what you do was the mantra which helped us grow so big in the business…We are thankful to our upline mentors kumar n anjali for sculpturing us to what we are we all know..the lawyer and the judge cannot be the same…..we are the product of the britt system….the power of association through BWW system is the magic….once we were proud of being in amway and britt world wide…..our collars were always up while showing amway business and sharing the world class products….we were so focused and we had all the belief in world that we will make it very big that whatever challenge we had while building the business was overlooked by the end result which we knew is CAM…..when the dream is big…the.facts don’t count….we did hav sometimes people laughing at us or taunting us….we were not influenced by them as we knew ..the last laugh will be ours….Our elder son prakirat and daughter in law jassimran our building the business with a lot of passion and have big dreams of making it to the top…We realized that the success is achieved to a very limited extent when physical things..see touch weigh and measure…are focused…..huge success comes due to intangible forces…faith..feelings.…..without getting things within you right…nothing outside will become right…We went diamond to get the respect of the leaders we respected most…..we went EDC for the same very reason…….we are double treple crown cam…..for the same very reason….of course money..recognition...etc are coming along the way..Amway has helped us travel across the globe in these years..with major countries being the US,UK,AUSTRALIA,CANADA,SOUTH AFRICA,EUROPE……we have traveled on all the top cruises on the face of earth….Amway and BWW has helped us touch and inspire millions of people across the world If u ask me..The book…think n grow richThe function…next FED...The plan…next plan.We are really enjoying the journey to FCAM and beyond…we are so BLESSED with a very good health…a very positive mind set..and wonderful passionate people in our team and the millions who will join our team… .Success is doing more than you are need to…before you are asked to….not because you have to…but because you want to….see you at the top
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