(Teacher & Home maker Chandigarh)
We come from a middle class agricultural community from Punjab. I was a teacher and my wife was a home maker. Suddenly we decided to shift to Chandigarh to provide better education for our children Mansimran and Harsimran. When we were packing for chandigarh we know never new that a great opportunity is waiting for us. It was in 1998 when I was posted at chandigarh and living in Govt. accommodation we were shown the amway opportunity plan. We did not take it seriously and declined for no obvious reasons but by habit. We again got an invitation to see the plan and this time it was I lost my sleep at that night. It was an awesome and amazing.
There was nobody in India who could help us because all our growing uplines were in US. We kept on building business with passion and went Platinum and Ruby direct of our own. It was in Fist ALS at Leela Resort Goa which broadened our vision about the business. After that we met our upline diamond David Shores who came to India and we got the bigger picture.We faced a lot of challenges during our journey to success but that is how we become stronger in life, by following BWW education system. Every time we were down due to some challenge we emerged stronger than before. We were Emerald in 2001 and we shifted to our bigger private accommodation. Our vehicles changed from scooter to bigger cars. We had a better lifestyle. At diamond level life is so different. It is style. Now we travel business class. We have visited dozens of destinations across Asia, Africa, North America Australia and Europe. Amway always arrange first class accommodations and hospitality for diamonds.It is not the only, the material gains we got but the attitude and personal growth we had during our journey to success is a thing to reckon with. This business has totally changed our perception toward life and society. Thanks to BWW system.
We are a happy family now. Our children have completed their education and settled in Australia. We are thankful to God for choosing us for this great business. Due to this business we have hundreds and thousands friends in many countries. We want to touch the life of hundreds of people who have rediscovered their dreams by looking in our eyes Anybody who has dreams and who is willing to change, has commitment and who think positive and ready to face the challenges can win in amway business. God has endowed man with unlimited powers we just need to understand that one can do anything in life. Just make your muscles of iron and nerves of steel.We are born to win ….. to lead a magnificent life…..we not ordinary. We are not made for mediocrity…. One machine can replace hundreds of ordinary people but it can not replace even one extraordinary person who has a dream. Amway has amazed people with their product quality.which has no match. People love to use amway products. Thanx God !!! Thanx Brittworldwide!!..thanks Amway.
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