Since we started our own Direct Selling business, it has turned out to be an unshakable financial foundation for our family that affords us choices that many others do not have. The Direct Selling business has been our ticket to freedom. A part-time effort earns a full-time life. There is no greater feeling than owning every minute of every day for the rest of your life, says David. When the Shores saw the independent business ownership plan, they spoke of the ability to travel. Now they live that life on an on-going basis. Resort to resort, club trip to club trip, with their favorite people in the world. Of all the trips that they go on, Peter Island is still their favorite. Direct Selling business is a class operation --it is typical corporate travel times ten!\" says Debbie. The greatest thing about the friendships we build in the Direct Selling business is that they are friends for life. We are so proud of our association with World Wide Group. David still remembers the first night he saw this opportunity and was asked what he would do with the money. He knew right away and a dream was born for him that night to go back to Montana, buy his family homestead. and flush his engineering career. Several/years ago they were able to achieve this dream and their children will be the sixth generation to own their property in Montana. After all these years, the Shores still have doubting people asking them questions about whether it is really worth it, and wondering whether the great opportunities and benefits are still available to the newest Independent Business Owner (IBO). Direct Selling business is a face-value business; it is what the plan says it is. It is better today that it has ever been and it is definitely worth it,\" says David. \"Showing the plan regularly is the key. It is the most honest business we know of. The greatest stamp of endorsement we could give it is that we hope all of our kids will eventually choose to become IBOs and build the business to a high level,\" says David. Talia, 18, is a new 4,000 PV leg in their business. \"We have been free from our engineering and nursing careers for over sixteen years now. Our kids have only known free parents as far back as they can remember. We believe one of the great responsibilities of parenthood is being an example to your kids. We want them to own their own businesses when they are adults, and we have been training them with that mentality since birth. Direct Selling business is not the only business, it is just the best one,\" says Debbie. David and Debbie are grateful they had special people come into their life who changed their lives. Their upline simply believed more in them than they believed in themselves at that time. Their vision of what is possible is constantly expanding and changing. .After attending the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah, the Shores decided to give Park City a try. Their home backs right up to the Park City Ski Resort. They can be on a ski-lift within five minutes of leaving the house, and they all love the alpine climate and the benefits of living full time in a resort \"So the bottom line is, we are more fired up about Direct Selling business than ever before. We still have big goals from here, and our refrigerators are a covered with hopes and dreams for our family continued success. We enjoy the material goods that a big income affords. But besides our spiritual convictions: our marital relationship and our three great kids, our personal freedom is our most precious accomplishment. We love and appreciate Brad and Julie Duncan, our sponsors, for sharing this great opportunity with us and for setting such a great pace. We have all been truly blessed by this business; now you need to build it. We believe in you and in your future!\"
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