Saurabh & Upasna Mishra

Corporate Trainer / Business Consultant & Homemaker | Kota
We started this business in Aug 2007 and became Emerald in Feb 2014. We were following our uplines, and plugging our group with BWW. Initially we were not very confident about this opportunity but gradually we understood that, here achievement of goals is certain, if we will put true efforts in to it. Our ultimate goal is not to achieve merely lifestyle or money in abundance but to become free and to come out from the process of exhausting ourselves and our life to make money only. However it is also one of the many required things in our life. We want to live life to the fullest for enjoyment, for children, for parents, for friends, for country, for world and above all for humanity by serving spirituality through our Revered Master and that is only possible with Amway business under the guidelines of BWW.
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