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“Guide someone enrich a life” “Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.” -Dalai Lama

At Parivartan we strongly believe in empowering people to help them lead a life of dignity and pride. As a part of humanity, it is our responsibility to share the education, knowledge, and wisdom that we have gathered with others.

As a leader you are committed to helping people every day by sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience. While doing so, many of you have also been invited to speak at various forums and educational institutes to motivate people and help the believe in themselves.

We received a lot of recommendations to start an initiative which takes this cause further and helps people beyond your current sphere of connects. For this reason, Parivartan is proud to launch its next initiative with you.

With “Donate A Video,” we encourage knowledgeable individuals, such as yourself, to share videos on topics that will guide and help others in their endeavors. As Donor-Tutors, your donated videos will make a remarkable difference to the world we live in.

Donate A Video By Following These 4 Simple Steps:

  • Register yourself as a Donor-Tutor
  • Choose from any of the topics listed on the screen (Refer to the Video and Books)
  • Upload your pre-recorded video onto the website (Mp4 format only)
  • Share the link generated by the video with people who, according to you, will be benefitted by your knowledge

Education and knowledge are essential in today’s age for a developing nation. By spreading your knowledge you will not only be giving people a helping hand in building a better future for themselves, but you will also become an integral part of building an emerging India.